The High School Attached to Zhejiang University, first named Private Mingyuan School, was founded by some great artists from Mingyuan Study Group like Feng Zikai, Pan Tianshou and etc. in 1947. During that war time, the celebritiesexpected to restore the vigour of the revolution via personality education. From the year of 1959, it was in the charge of Zhejiang University, taking the tradition of seeking for truth from Zhejiang University to form our own styles----seeking for knowledge, truth, steadiness, creativeness, kindness and beauty. Whereas it was once renamed Hangzhou No15 High School Since 1992, it has been resumed High School Attached to Zhejiang University, managed by the Educational Authority (Bureau) of Hangzhou City.

Based on the history of our school, we naturally ownthese two cultural sources, Mingyuan and Zhejiang University, aiming at fulfilling students’ personality and training their spirit of seeking truth. Thus, the school’sdevelopment strategy, using school culture and curriculum education to builda modern high school of lively academic culture, has been established.

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As one of the four Hangzhou BrandsInMy Mind, the beautiful school campus is located in the core area of the West Lake, the first-level scenic spot. Regarded as most beautiful school campus, it has quiet and beautiful surroundings with varieties of trees and flowers all over the campus, offering an ideal environment for learning.

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The school encourages and promotes after class social activities, focusing on developing the sense of responsibility, morality and health.

Yearly hold Culture Week, Art Week and P.E. Week are grand events for all students. Meanwhile more than 30 associations are organized by students themselves,already well-known in Hangzhou. For example, our school’s Astronomy association leader was selected as national Astronomy Olympiad team member and won the Asia-Pacific Astronomy Olympiad gold medal; Cosplay association won International Animation Festival National Finals Crystal Gold, Sheng Long Bronze; other associations as Chinese traditional culture, bicycling, Business associations are also growing fast. From PE side, classified as one of the best schools specialized in PE in Zhejiang, the school men volleyball team won the second nationally, the first in Zhejiang Province, and the 10 consecutive championships in Hangzhou. In addition, Athletics, Orientation, women's volleyball, ping-pong and aerobics clubs won many provincial awards; Climbing and round lake marathon are also organized for improving health. Our school keeps the record of top three in PE examination in Hangzhou and ranked the first last year.


Education is not just for the college entrance exam, but helping students achieve success in it through sustained effort is one of the educational objectives of our school. We are devoted to advancing the curriculum reform, designing a unique school-based curriculum system to broaden students’ cultural visions and putting into practice step by step the course selection process based on an entire combination of compulsory and selective courses. February, 2014, we made Senior English for China the first compulsory course for selection and provided more suitable and personalized teaching for students with different learning abilities, greatly improving the quality of teaching and learning. Ahead of other high schools in the province, this adjustment is an important act to the development of students’ learning competence. It’s not only well accepted by students and their parents but well recognized by the higher education authorities and the public media, such as Zhejiang Education and Qianjiang Evening News. We will steadily keep up the curriculum reform and entirely accomplish establishing the course selection system among the compulsory and selective courses so as to reach the goal that every student has the opportunity to develop his own personality by taking courses selected by himself. Every semester students can freely choose to take classes for their own interest from over 80 courses, among which Spanish, How to Make a Life Plan and Chinese Tea Art are quite popular with them. While creating the “West Lake Culture” course series, we set up 10 curriculum resource centers, including Xiling Seal Society, ChinaTeaMuseum, Southern Song Guan Kiln Museum, etc. By encouraging students to learn through research and practice through project management, we offer them an overall student-centered curriculum education.


Following the tradition of “Seeking Truth” of Zhejiang University, the school appreciates the concern from the university. It is the first school involved in the Experiment of Link between High School and University Education. As a result, more than 50 students have been admitted to Zhu Kezhen Institute of Zhejiang University by far. The school also carries out the activity Cooperation between University Tutors and High School students to share the source of famous professors and laboratory. The conference of Academic Exchanges between Attached Schools in China held by the school is aimed at improving teaching and studying guided by academic theories. In order to fully realize the cooperation of course, the school has designed the following courses with special features such as international responsibility, international communication, academic research and so on. In a word, the high school students have the opportunity to share the resources from Zhejiang University.Consequently,a complete connection between the school and the university is realized.


Deeply influenced by the culture of Zhejiang University, the school teachers have always been very keen on undertaking research on education and raising students’ motivation. Currently, the school has 4 distinguished teachers, one of professional level and more than 20 teachers of master’s degree. More than 60% of the faculty are senior teachers.There are nearly 50 teachers who have received awards for excellence in teaching, among them are municipal and provincial outstanding teachers, leading subject teachers, excellent head teachersand newly-emerging outstanding young teachers in educational field. The fine campus and the harmonious atmosphere cultivate a kind of democratic and equal teacher-students relationship. Paying special attention to students’ development and needs, the school teachers play the roles of both teacher and friend of students.


Based on Chinese culture, the school has built a multi-level international exchange platform, aiming at cultivating Chinese people with an international perspective. The school not only offers optional courses of many foreign languages such as Spanish, German and Russian, but also applies lamination teaching to the English course. Besides, the school has established good relations with excellent high schools from America, England, Germany, Japan, Australia, Denmark and so on, carrying out various activities including the student exchange program, projects cooperation, courses sharing, mutual-recognition of credits and sending students abroad. Cooperating with German Ministry of Education, our school has launched the “Professors Guiding Students” program, which provides some outstanding students with the opportunity to take part in the science research activities in German free of charge. Thanks to the AYP project, some students may get the chance to study in America for a year with their names kept on the school roll. Every year, Anglo-ChineseSchool (Independent) and Methodist Girls' School from Singapore enroll some good senior one students in our school to study in Singapore with a full scholarship.